We’re excited to debut the MACEM&PS Student Scholarship!

In partnership with the Frederick Community College Foundation, we’ve set up our own scholarship fund, open for donations as of September 2022. Money that goes into the fund goes to help our students – buying textbooks for those who can’t afford them, supporting internship opportunities and experiences, reducing the financial burden of classes for those at a distance (or deployed), and more.

HOW TO GIVE: Just click the button below to be taken to the FCC Foundation online giving form. Select “MACEM&PS Scholarship” from the Designation dropdown options, enter your information and desired amount, and you’re done. Thank you!

Frederick Community College Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 organization.
Your gift is tax deductible as a charitable donation subject to IRS regulations.


As a community college department, we see students from all walks of life (ages, backgrounds, financial status, etc.) more often than many 4-year or private schools. And as a player in the world of professional public safety, we know both how important the experiences and knowledge students receive is becoming in the hunt for a job…and how often funds aren’t able to be set aside for education in a world of tight budgets and other governmental priorities. It’s crucial that someone help fill that gap – being the bridge between the difference students want to make in keeping their communities safe, and the realities of what budgets (their own or those at the places they might work) seem like they’ll allow.

Don’t get us wrong – we do a lot already to keep costs down, find students extra help, provide networking connections, and we’ll keep on doing all of that! But over the years, we’ve heard from our industry partners, our graduates, our community, and more that, well, they wish there was another way to lend a hand to the next generation. (Especially for those in the industry who aren’t able to donate the time to serving as an advisory council member or guest speaker.) So we made this scholarship!

Money you give will go towards making college life easier on our students. Sometimes “low cost” for textbooks is still too much to afford; sometimes disaster deployment can wreak havoc on financial plans (or financial aid!); sometimes doing that extra project that would shine on a resume is just a few resources too distant. The MACEM&PS Scholarship lets us start mitigating those hazards, so students can focus on what matters most: learning and preparing for what comes next. We don’t plan on making constant asks; you won’t see 1,000 emails hoping for cash cluttering up your inbox. But we’ll check in now and then, and if you’d like to be a part of making a difference for our students – and for the future of public safety they represent – then we’ll be grateful for whatever you can afford to share. And our students will, too.

Thank you again,