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At MACEM&PS, when it comes to all things public safety, we’ve got your back.

Whether you’re looking for a first-class, affordable education in one of nearly a dozen college degree & certificate programs; or expert advice for building your organization’s next plan or training, we’re here to help.

So…what kind of future do you want to prepare for?

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MACEM&PS students come from all ages and backgrounds.

Join one of our classrooms and you’re likely to find a veteran emergency manager working on a project with a high-flying freshman and a high school homeland security student already taking some college coursework.

But different though they may be, they’re united by their drive to learn and their passion for service…and their general awesomeness.

You’ll feel right at home.

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Helping Bring Women to the Table

Fire Service Administration student Harper Fair joined other women experts from the public safety field for a discussion on how to improve gender equity in the traditionally male-dominated world of public safety.

Harper presented her experiences as a firefighter and EMT, and shared her advice for overcoming barriers of youth and gender in building a public safety career.

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Two decades (and more) of experience as a training provider have their perks.

MACEM&PS doesn’t just teach students to be part of the public safety industry; we’re part of it ourselves! Our team of instructional and design specialists have worked with everyone from FEMA to fire prevention to local volunteer groups – building plans, trainings, tools, research products, and more.

Whatever it takes to get your group prepared, we’ve got it covered. Talk to us – let’s see what we can build for you!

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Diversifying the Fire Service Culture

Made possible by our own Smith-Clark Fund and the FCC Foundation, Dr. Kristen Wheldon brought together some of the most successful women in and around the U.S. firefighting industry to talk about the challenges and opportunities surrounding women’s entry into the traditionally male-dominated field.

The Smith-Clark Fund also helps fund the education of our fire service administration students through scholarships! You can donate to support the Fund’s mission here, if you’re so inclined.