The Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management & Public Safety (MACEM&PS) works to be as adaptable and multifaceted as the world of public safety itself. Originally established in the early 2000s to facilitate a course review partnership between Frederick Community College (FCC) and FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI), it’s grown from a single office and shoestring staff to become a fully-fledged teaching and practicing academic public safety department at FCC.

After a 2019 expansion, the MACEM&PS now works and educates in fields spanning the spectrum of preparedness and response – emergency management, fire, police, criminal justice, GIS, and more. As an academic department, we strive to offer our students a nationally-recognized (and nationally-accessible) education that’ll set them up for success in their future studies and their careers alike. In the meantime, we also serve as a preparedness education contractor – partnering with local organizations, state-level agencies, businesses, and federal departments alike to research, develop, design, publish, enhance, and otherwise enable everyone to improve the quality of their readiness however they may need it most. You can read more about our full history here!

Our instructional team – adjuncts, full professors, and trainers – hails from the best of the U.S. educational world, from Duquesne to Oklahoma State to George Washington to West Point. And they bring our students not just their academic expertise, but also their practical experience as emergency managers and business continuity specialists, first responders and fire chiefs, lawyers and judges, government officials and veterans, and more besides. We supplement them with experienced support staff, instructional designers, and an in-house quality assurance and design team, and together we get an awful lot of stuff done.

Some Folks We’ve Worked With

If you’d like to join in on the fun, feel free to drop us a line on our contact page, or get in touch directly at / 301-624-2854. We’d love to hear from you!