In addition to offering academic programs, MACEM&PS also operates as a comprehensive developer of customized trainings, research, and public safety preparedness products. Leveraging our roster of experts, academic networks, and on-staff editing and design team, we’re able to offer a wide variety of programming and services suitable for any scale – from the local level all the way up to the national stage. Whether it’s conducting the research for your organization’s continuity plan, designing and publishing that plan at professional quality, or helping build exercises to test it out, we’ve got you covered.

If you see something on our menu that strikes your interest, get in touch! We’ll be glad to talk you through whatever idea you might have.

And in the meantime, take a look at some of the projects we’ve got in the works already:

Lifelines, Logistics, and Supply Chain Awareness Training
[In Development – Registrations Open Early 2021]
Supported by DHS Continuing Training Grant (CTG) funding, MACEM&PS is developing a two course training designed to introduce and practice using FEMA’s new Community Lifelines concept, with a specific focus on what goes into maintaining elements of the Food, Water, and Shelter Lifeline. The two courses will come as a set – the first being completely online, self-paced, and stocked with practical take-home resources, the second a face-to-face (via whatever method safety allows) workshop to bring the concepts into practice, and build the networks that will help make real-life response that much smoother.

MD Dept. of Education – Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness Career & Tech Program
[Ongoing Partnership]
MACEM&PS serves as the post-secondary affiliate for the Maryland State Dept. of Education’s Career & Technical Education program in Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (HSEP). That means that in addition to our collegiate offerings, we can also develop curricula, lesson plans, training, activities, and offer our expertise in developing HSEP education throughout our state’s high schools. We host an annual Summer Institute for professional development of the program’s teachers (and for fun!), and are regularly developing new educational resources and reviewing programs in Homeland Security Sciences, Communications/GIS, and Administration of Justice to make sure they’re as current as can be.

FEMA/EMI Independent Study Program Credit Conversion
[Ongoing Partnership]
In partnership with Jacobs, MACEM&PS serves as a quality reviewer and credit-providing partner for the online FEMA Independent Study courses. When a new course is released, or an old one revised, we review it to determine its level of educational rigor and operational quality. If a course (or set of courses) is good enough, we’ll award it college credit through FCC. Students can then complete those courses and convert them to credit on an FCC transcript, where they can work towards academic progress or career advancement. Click here to learn more of the details!