The New Year has the MACEM team in the normal efforts of asking:

  • Where have we been?
  • Where are we now?
  • Where are we going?

In that process, we thought we might remind you of the many endeavors of the MACEM. As a department of Frederick Community College (Frederick, MD), we support:

  • An academic program providing two tracks for completion of an Associate of Applied Science Degree, an Emergency Management Certificate, and Letters of Recognition in emergency management skill sets.
  • A professional development program for continuing education in various emergency management and public safety topics.
  • A professional service effort that provides contractual services to FEMA, MEMA, and local public safety agencies and private sector firms.
  • The Maryland Registered Emergency Management Specialist Apprenticeship Program.

Visit our web pages to refresh your memory:

And now the TEST:

  • Where may you convert some FEMA Independent Study Courses for college credit?
  • Where might you attend a traditional Emergency Management Associate in Applied Science Program?
  • Who has developed nationally recognized training in Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack prevention and planning, developing public-private partnerships, emergency management planning, and emergency management mitigation?
  • Who will answer your questions about emergency management higher education, training, emergency management apprenticeships, professional development, and professional services?
  • Where may you find an apprenticeship in the field of emergency management?

And, logically, the ANSWER:

  • The MACEM

Contact us at 301-624-2854 or

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