The MACEM APSI program offers solutions!

  • Educate and Empower Communities — enable them to act in their best interests, and ultimately, in the best interests of all. APSI members will craft community-focused, resilience-based education, training, and certification curricula to meet the preparedness requirements of both individuals and communities they can serve.
  • Continuously Question the Status Quo — institutionalize continuous innovation. Acknowledging that the private sector is the principal source of American ideas and innovation, APSI will institutionalize creation of a culture of continuous questioning of the status quo and preparedness innovation and will give voice to P4 organizations and preparedness innovators nationwide to help overcome human (and bureaucratic) resistance to change.
  • Build and Sustain Trust — enable relevant, accurate, timely and actionable “information exchange.” APSI will foster the disciplined exchange of community preparedness information based upon interrogative (who, what, when, why, and how) questions and answers. This exchange will drive preparedness requirements and informed and coherent investments in them between their communities and local, state, tribal, and federal governments.
  • Operationalize Community Resilience — mindsets, metrics, methodologies, and technologies. Equip the connected community college with the knowledge, tools, and abilities to Envision, Evaluate, Empower, Engage, and Evolve community preparedness and resilient actions.
  • Measure Success Pragmatically — positive change/continuous improvement in community preparedness. Because resilience is the metric of critical infrastructure and community preparedness, APSI will move resilience from rhetoric to reality by implementing its mindsets, metrics, methodologies, and technologies.

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