MACEM&PS students come from all kinds of places and backgrounds, and go on to do all kinds of things. Some have jobs when they come to us, some are still in high school. Some start with the most detailed of plans, others take their time to explore along the way.

But they all have one thing in common: They are awesome.

Come with us to meet a few, and see for yourself!


Program: MACEM&PS Intern

Elaine spent the spring semester of her second year in Maryland’s high school Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness program interning in the MACEM&PS offices.

She helped build FEMA trainings, conduct weather hazard research, plan and put on our first ever 5K run, and more. She’s taking these skills back to her program at Linganore High School, where she plans to finish strong…then hopefully enroll as an FCC student on her way to law school!

In Her Own Words…

“When I first heard of the MACEM&PS, I was a sophomore in high school starting out in the Frederick County Career and Technology Center. Now that I have an internship here and have gained so much experience in a real adult job, I can say that it has given me what I need and more. I have created professional relationships that I can take with me for the rest of my life. Sitting in a classroom in a typical high school setting or even continuing to attend the Career and Technology Center would never have given me the professional relationships that I now have.

During my internship, I did some training courses on Community Lifelines, social media presence, supply chains, etc. I now understand (and have taken extensive notes on) how all of this affects the real world, especially during the time when it is most needed. My input was considered after taking these courses, [helping] improve the training for those students taking the course and [making] the world of emergency management easier to understand for all who wish to learn. I have loved making new friends and wonderful memories here with people who are hardworking, love what they do, and are always available to help when needed.

The MACEM&PS loves to celebrate success and to praise those who have done tremendous work. Getting to be a part of the celebration of Holly and the MACEM&PS team who created a program to reach students all over the country is incredibly special. It shows their dedication and love for this work, which provides an amazing, aspiring example for me as an intern and other students. I have created friendships here, and I hope to continue to stay connected for professional and social reasons. The MACEM&PS is a safe environment for growing students aspiring to be in the same or even different fields. I have nothing but good things to say about the MACEM&PS and my overall experience/time spent here.”


Program: Emergency Management A.A.S.

John came to study at the MACEM&PS in the midst of an already successful career as a flight nurse/paramedic, having also spent 20 years with the U.S. Naval Reserve (rising to the rank of Lt. Commander) and regularly volunteering for local weather spotting and search & rescue duties.

In his Emergency Management degree program, he expanded his planning and response skills…and then put them to heavy use, stepping up to become a preparedness coordinator and vaccine distribution center planner for his home county during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Travel, Service, and Success

Hear how Grace Ruppert ’21 balanced her studies, a pandemic, and an international service trip on the way to a degree in Emergency Management, a position at the Maryland Department of Emergency Management, and beyond.

Want to Join In?

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