In the Spring and Summer of 2020, MACEM&PS and Anthem Planning teamed up to talk with experts throughout the world of public safety communications and technology, and put all their advice in one place. This is that place!

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Season 1

Episode 1 – Andrew Owlett
GIS Applications, Developing Resilient Systems

Episode 2 – Anne Hobson
Mesh Networking, Cybersecurity, Digital Privacy

Episode 3 – Dylan Griffith
Updating Public Safety Radio Systems, Working with Consultants,
Translating Veteran Experience to Civilian Jobs

Episode 4 – Josh Clemente
Project Planning and Managing, Choosing the Right Project Manager, Training and Experience-building Options

Episode 5 – John Contestabile
Information Sharing Spectrum, Theory of Interoperability, Privacy & Risk

Episode 6 – Cheryl Giggetts
Interoperability in Practice, Interjurisdictional Cooperation, Navigating Funding and Resource Limitations

Episode 7 – Brent Skorup
Drone Readiness & Licensing, Law & Regulation, UAV Public Safety Applications & Jobs

Episode 8 – Pat Savage
Public Safety Telecommunications History, Dispatcher Skillsets, Emerging Industry Trends/Challenges/Opportunities

Season 2

Season 2, Ep. 1 – Joseph Putney
Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, How to Break into an AI/Engineering Career

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