Tools & Tutorials

Tutorial – Open Data Resources for GIS
A review of common, open access, HSEP-relevant datasets and resources for use with any GIS mapping project.

Tutorial – ArcMAP
An orientation to Esri’s ArcMap software – how to navigate it, and what it can do.

Tutorial – Getting the Most Out
of ArcGIS Online
An orientation and in-demo for ArcGIS Online, ESRI’s accessible, browser-based platform for building GIS data projects without the intensive desktop apps.

Tutorial – ArcGIS Pro
A guided tour of ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s latest workhorse desktop application – a new interface and some new capabilities!

Case Studies & Important Discussion Topics

Gender Diversity Workshop 2018 –
Eva Reid

Gender Diversity Workshop 2018 –
Kathleen Kiernan

Gender Diversity Workshop 2018 –
Marcie Roth

Reclaiming Humanity Discussion Series
Expert presenters and discussions of the thornier issues in public safety (civil rights, due process, rebuilding lost community trust, etc.)

Serving Economically Disadvantaged HSEP Students [Playlist]
Teachers, advocates, and education experts discuss factors resulting from economic inequities in K-12 classrooms, and strategies for removing them.

Promotional Content

Create Your Own Career Success Story
Emergency management career advice from some friends of the MACEM&PS.

Pathways to Emergency Management
Some advice on connecting emergency management skills to careers of all kinds…and skills from careers of all kinds to emergency management!

Homeland Security Science Pathway Promo
Students, teachers, and administrators of the HSEP program discuss what the Homeland Security Science Pathway within the program contains, and why it’s worthwhile.

Communications & Technology (GIS) Pathway Promo
What the GIS Pathway is, what students learn, and why it’s valuable, from the students and the experts themselves.

Administration of Justice Pathway Promo
What the Administration of Justice Pathway contains, what skills it delivers, and what students can expect to get out of it.

Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness Program Promo
A promotional video for the whole HSEP program – how it was developed, what it does, what it contains, and where it fits into the world of public safety education as a whole.