Tools & Tutorials

Tutorial – Open Data Resources for GIS
A review of common, open access, HSEP-relevant datasets and resources for use with any GIS mapping project.

Tutorial – ArcMAP
An orientation to Esri’s ArcMap software – how to navigate it, and what it can do.

Tutorial – ArcGIS Online
An orientation to ArcGIS Online, ESRI’s accessible, browser-based platform for building GIS data projects without the intensive desktop apps.
(Some audio issues – fixed what we could; Anthony will just sound a little like a robot!)

Tutorial – ArcGIS Pro
A guided tour of ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s latest workhorse desktop application – a new interface and some new capabilities!

Case Studies & Important Discussion Topics

Gender Diversity Workshop 2018 –
Eva Reid

Gender Diversity Workshop 2018 –
Kathleen Kiernan

Gender Diversity Workshop 2018 –
Marcie Roth

Promotional Content

Create Your Own Career Success Story
Emergency management career advice from some friends of the MACEM&PS.

Pathways to Emergency Management
Some advice on connecting emergency management skills to careers of all kinds…and skills from careers of all kinds to emergency management!