These are some of the guides and tools we’ve put together for our HSEP program high school teachers over the years – we do our best to keep them regularly updated and current, and even get some expert commentary on how we built them and how to get the most out of using them. We hope they can make your teaching job easier!

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Lesson Plans

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Administration of JusticeFoundations of HSEPGISHomeland Security Sciences I Homeland Security Sciences II

Administration of Justice I

Administration of Justice II

Foundations of HSEP


GIS Bonus Content

[Supplemental – Can be standalone, or used in combination with the full sequence]


Homeland Security Sciences I

Homeland Security Sciences II

Curriculum Guides

Administration of Justice

With our newest updated guides, we’re also including walkthroughs from the experts who helped write them!

HSEP Capstone

Foundations of HSEP

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Homeland Security Sciences