In our Fire Service Administration program, you’ll study the science of fire – how it works, how to fight it, how to prevent and mitigate it – but not just the science of fire. This is a leadership program: you’ll learn how to manage a department and work with EMS partners, you’ll explore the latest public safety tech and practice organizing disaster response, and you’ll cap it all off with an investigation of what it takes to be a strong, ethical leader…and work towards being one yourself.

And it’s a program built especially for the folks on the job – whether you’re starting out as a volunteer or been at it for your whole career, if you’re a firefighter, you’re eligible. Even better, it’s built to let your existing training and certifications work for you. It incorporates credit for various parts of the coursework from the following institutions…

  • Frederick County Division of Fire & Rescue Services (DFRS) Recruit Fire Academy
  • Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute (MFRI)
  • National Fire Academy (NFA)
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

…so if you’ve learned from them, then come talk to us and we’ll see about translating that into progress towards a broader degree with us, and a future of further study or career promotion after that. Interested? Click the link below and let’s get started!