The world of public safety is dynamic, complex, and rapidly evolving. Living where science, sociology, technology, government, medicine, history, and more all intersect, studying this field demands both rigor and flexibility. Whether you’re a first responder arriving on scene, an emergency manager coordinating an entire disaster response, or a public defender walking into a courtroom, you’ll need to be prepared to fuse research and practice with an abundance of new, ever-changing information. You want to do the job right, while at the same time ensuring the whole job gets done.

That’s what it takes to keep people safe, make positive change, and protect a community – or a nation…so that’s what we’re going to prepare you for when you study with us.

Fields of Study

As a department at FCC, MACEM&PS offers college-level academic programs – degrees, certificates, and more – in each of the following public safety disciplines. Click on the links below to explore what’s available and find out how to get started!