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FEMA Credit Conversion Program Statistics

FEMA maintains a roster of self-paced, online Independent Study (IS) courses to train learners on a variety of emergency management-related topics. MACEM&PS reviews these courses for quality and, when appropriate, awards college credit for the successful completion of one or more IS courses. Students pay an administrative fee to MACEM&PS/FCC for each credit assessed and awarded to them in this way.

Until 2022, MACEM&PS conducted this program in partnership with Jacobs, via a contract from FEMA. From 2022 onwards, MACEM&PS took over full responsibility for all aspects of the program.







“Lifelines, Logistics, and Supply Chain Awareness” – FEMA Grant-funded Training Delivery

In 2019, MACEM&PS was awarded its third grant from the FEMA Continuing Training Grants program. These funds were used to develop and deliver a nation-wide training on FEMA’s then-new “Community Lifelines” incident management framework. The course consisted of two components: 1) an online, self-paced module; and 2) an instructor-facilitated workshop delivered in both in-person and virtual formats. The training was offered through September 2023.



*Note: These maps display the U.S. completers, but our range is truly international! Also completing the Lifelines coursework were learners from:

    • Canada

    • China

    • Ethiopia

    • Gabon

    • Greece

    • India

    • Jamaica

    • United Arab Emirates


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