The Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management & Public Safety is proud to serve as the post-secondary affiliate for Maryland’s Career and Technology Education (CTE) Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (HSEP) program. On the pages linked below, you’ll find resources to make teaching in this program (or teaching homeland security & emergency preparedness at the K-12 level anywhere) easier. These resources now include lesson plans, curriculum guides and video tutorials, and newest of all, turn-key lessons!

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Turnkey Lessons: How To Use
These lessons are designed to permit the teacher the autonomy and flexibility necessary to accommodate their systemic and personal needs. The lessons are adaptable for teachers regardless of how many days a week they teach the course or the length of individual class periods. Additionally, teachers will find they can adapt these lessons to meet their needs for the in-person, blended, and online learning environments. Instead of prioritizing a clock, active student-centered learning is the focus. 

More importantly, MACEM&PS knows that recognizing student variability and adapting instruction to maximize learning is a real challenge for the effective teacher. Teachers know their students, their backgrounds, and their stories best. The goal of MACEM&PS is to design lessons that are equitable and culturally inclusive. Teachers are encouraged to make all adaptations and adjustments necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of their students. The idea behind these courses, and all of these resources, is to enable you to make connecting and engaging with your students easier, better, more enjoyable, and more effective. We hope they help!