Greetings, Instructors!

Welcome to the repository for the “Geographic Information Systems I,” or GIS I, course within the MSDE CTE HSEP program. What follows are lesson plans and curriculum guides designed to provide you with the ability to teach any lesson within any unit of the course. The development team realizes that all instructors experience a great deal of student and classroom variance – it’s just part of the job! These lessons are designed to give instructors the autonomy to adapt each learning experience – and the learning environment itself – to fit their students’ needs. It’s our hope that the scope and sequence of these lessons can help you increase your students’ learning, and improve your own experience teaching, in meaningful ways. Please note the following:

  1. The lessons are designed to be useful to the instructor with minimal preparation. A complete readthrough is required, and the exploration of all resources is recommended.
  2. The language of any learning objects is designed to be adaptable to your individual school system’s requirements.
  3. The timing and pacing of the lesson are not designed to fit into a specific timeframe. Some lessons may take multiple class periods, depending on the background knowledge and capabilities of the students.
  4. Wherever possible, the lessons have been designed to be culturally inclusive. Please make all adaptation and adjustments necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of the students.
  5. Engagement activities are not included because they are dependent on the students’ experiences and prior learning.
  6. All assessments are at the instructor’s discretion. Activities referenced in the lesson plans are appropriate for formative assessments. Summative assessments are not included with these lessons.

With that all said, let’s get to the resources!

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Unit 1
Lesson 1 – Introduction to GIS

Lesson 2 – Understanding Geographic/Geospatial Data

Lesson 3 – Applications of GIS

Lesson 4 – Where is GIS Used?

Lesson 5 – GIS Careers, Education, and Certification

Lesson 6 – GIS for Homeland Security

Unit 2
Lesson 1 – Intro to Spatial Data

Lesson 2 – Volunteered Geographic Information

Lesson 3 – Working with OpenStreetMap

Lesson 4 – Intro to ArcGIS Online

Lesson 5 – Working with ArcGIS Online

Lesson 6 – Working with Story Maps

Unit 3
Lesson 1 – GIS Software & Tools

Lesson 2 – Intro to Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop

Lesson 3 – Intro to ArcMap

Lesson 4 – Working with Data in ArcMap

Unit 4
Lesson 1 – Map Projections and Coordinate Systems I

Lesson 2 – Map Projections and Coordinate Systems II

Lesson 3 – Geospatial Metadata

Lesson 4 – Data Scale, Precision, and Quality

Lesson 5 – Data Sources, Portals, and Open Data

Unit 5
Lesson 1 – Data Display & Symbology

Lesson 2 – Labeling & Annotation

Lesson 3 – Intro to Geodatabases

Lesson 4 – Basics of Editing in ArcMap

Lesson 5 – Working with Tables and Joins in ArcMap

Unit 6
Lesson 1 – Geocoding in ArcGIS

Lesson 2 – Attribute Queries and Selections

Lesson 3 – Spatial Queries in ArcMap

Lesson 4 – Geoprocessing in ArcGIS

Lesson 5 – Fundamentals of Spatial Analysis

Lesson 6 – FEMA IS-922 Completion / Wrap Up

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