Hello world, and thanks for stopping by!

As you may be able to tell, depending on when you happen to get here, we’re currently doing some renovations to the MACEM&PS WordPress site – beyond updating with our new branding and content, we’re working to make it into a repository for academic resources, research from our partners, and information on us and what we do! We’re hoping that all of this makes the experience, and the site itself, a lot easier to navigate and useful to anyone looking to learn more about the public safety world we teach, study, and practice!

This does mean there’ll be a period of transition where not everything looks quite as not-weird as you might expect. Don’t panic! You’re just getting the chance to watch the changes as they happen.

We hope you enjoy whatever may have brought you to visit in the meantime, and we look forward to showing off the improvements as they come along – the final form should be here soon.

Thanks all, and please enjoy!

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