Three adjunct instructors assisted during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria: Carl Wertman, Dan Cornwell, and James McAuliffe. Mr. Wertman was deployed to Anniston, Alabama, where he headed a small training division providing training relating to Disaster Survivor Assistance and Individual Assistance – engaging survivors on a one-to-one personal basis to assess their needs and get them registered for whatever financial assistance the Federal Emergency Management Agency was able to help with, and to refer them to whole community partners as was appropriate. Mr. Cornwell was deployed to Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Some of his duties included assisting with establishing an ESF 13 Forward Operating Base. He transitioned from Check in/Deputation Coordinator to Remote Demobilization Unit Leader. Mr. McAuliffe was in Florida assisting at the Sanford Police Department.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions made by these MACEM adjunct instructors in the operational environment during the recent devastation of these hurricanes.

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