Didi Culp, the animal guru at the Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management (MACEM), wants to remind everyone that June is Pet Preparedness Month!

Do your plans for special populations include the four-legged members of your community?  There are many programs to help families include their pets in their emergency plans, starting with https://www.ready.gov/animals.  Frederick County is home to many farms, petting zoos, zoos, animal rescues, and working animal operations, as well as a pet population as diverse as our human population!  Be a part of the conversation about how all of our emergency plans can better include Frederick County’s non-humans.

Didi’s list of contacts:

Your Favorite Veterinarian: Didi recommends Opposum Pike Vet Clinic, 301.662.2322, as they are one of the few veterinary hospitals in MD licensed to treat wild animals.

Local Animal Control: Frederick County, 301.600.1546

Wildlife Online Help: http://citywildlife.org/found-animal/

Lost and Found Pets: Lost & Found Animals in and near Frederick County Maryland Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/Lost-and-Found-Animals-in-and-near-Frederick-County-Maryland-102502063275248/

Emergency Preparedness for Families: www.Ready.gov

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