The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Scholarship Program benefits students pursuing studies in emergency management, homeland security, disaster management, and related fields.

IAEM’s Scholarship Program is available to full-time students pursuing degrees in emergency management, disaster management, or related programs.  Information, including the application, is available at  The deadline for application is June 30, 2017.  Please share this opportunity!

Additionally, students may find membership in IAEM useful.  (Please note that the scholarship is available to all students, regardless of their membership status.)  While a regular membership is $190 for U.S. members, students join for the same benefits for only $45.

Student Members receive:

  • 1-year subscription to the IAEM E-News Service;
  • 1-year subscription to electronic monthly IAEM Bulletin;
  • access to the online membership directory (a great resource when looking for jobs or internships), Annual Report, collection of previous Bulletins, and other IAEM materials;
  • access to the largest network of top emergency management and disaster experts who can offer solutions, guidance and assistance;
  • access to members-only areas of the IAEM website including search capability for archived IAEM Bulletins covering a wide range of potential reference materials on disaster preparedness and emergency management topics; the opportunity to advance their career with IAEM’s “Professional Opportunities”;
  • discounts on registration at annual IAEM conferences and seminars;
  • discounts on sportswear and supplies from the IAEM Store, including the Annual Conference proceedings and other materials;
  • a unified voice to educate decision-makers about the impact of U.S. policies and legislation on emergency management;
  • pertinent U.S. legislative, regulatory and federal updates via e-mail; and
  • an organizational infrastructure and extensive network of worldwide contacts applicable to emergency management operations.

Every year some of the IAEM student members attend the Annual Conference through a stipend from IAEM to help advance their learning. Please encourage students to consider membership. It is a great way to meet potential future employers. Information about membership is located at

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