Each year, the State of Maryland awards over $100 million in need-based grants, scholarships, and loan repayments.

Every year, more than 57,000 students receive money that ranges from $200 per year to over $30,000.

Maryland scholarships and grant programs are available to eligible students who plan to attend a public or private Maryland college, university, or private career school.

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Here’s just a sample of available scholarships and grants:

Senatorial and Delegate scholarships
– Current high school seniors, full-time and part-time degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for these scholarships.  Students attending a private career school may also apply.  Both scholarships have a minimum award amount of $400 and maximum award amount of $11,250.  Senatorial and Delegate scholarships can be used in other states, if your chosen field of study is not offered at any post-secondary institution.

Howard P. Rawlings
Educational Assistance Grant
– The State’s largest financial aid program helps low- and middle-income students, based upon financial need, attend a two-year or four-year Maryland institution.

Howard P. Rawlings
Guaranteed Access Grant
– When combined with the Federal Pell Grant, the program will pay the cost of attending a public two-year or four-year Maryland college.  The maximum award of $17,900 can be used at independent institutions too.



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